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Why Kata?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Inherent in Kata, is the act of Scientific Thinking. This is a continuous comparison between what we predict will happen next, seeing what actually happens, reflecting on our learning's and adjusting our understanding and next step as a result.

Isn't The Timing of this just Perfect?

Right now, given the experiences we have all just had in living through a global pandemic, never has the future been so unsure in our personal and professional lives.

Thinking scientifically is the secret to adapting and thriving.


Our brain just LOVES to figure things out. This is our bias and we have to be really cautious to not let our biases take over.

Mastering a systematic, scientific way of thinking and acting is a meta skill. An organisations who have all their resources across the company utilising this meta skill are an incredible force to be reckoned with.

When Mike Rother decided to study Toyota in the noughties, he was trying to answer 2 research questions:

  1. What are the unseen managerial routines and thinking that lie behind Toyota's success with continuous improvement and adaption?

And the Answer:

A systematic, scientific way of thinking and acting. And Managers as teachers of that way.

His 2nd Q

2. How can other companies develop similar routines and thinking in their organisations?

And the Answer:

We have 2 Kata's which are patterns you can practice to develop a skill. These Kata are the Improvement Kata and the Coaching Kata.

And how you do you make them unseen, less visible and habit


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