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The Kata Storyboard

I had the pleasure recently of listening to the wonderful Tracy Defoe as she delivered a learning event of the kata storyboard. The Kata storyboard may look very familiar....but don't be fooled. The way this storyboard is created and connected is just magical. The sequence, the logical links and the visual nature of this board allow for the following:

  1. The storyboard will show the story of the process and the progress toward the challenge

  2. The storyboard shows the learners learning(that's hard to say out loud :)) about the Improvement Kata

  3. The storyboard shows the learners learning's and thinking about themselves

Some Tips

The learner is responsible for maintaining their own board and you should always strive for the board to be seen in its entirety. it doesn't need to be anything fancy, just have all the components visible.

You can use a paperboard which is where Tracy advises you to always start as a new learner and you may decide to progress to something like a mural board when you are more experienced.

Try standing beside your board, it can make a huge difference.

My next blogs will deep dive into the components of the storyboard. Why not signup for our upcoming learning event on the Improvement Kata Storyboard

Referenced: Mike Rother, Toyota Kata & Tracy Defoe

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