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About Kata School Ireland

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The Kata School Ireland is intended to give all those who are interested in the practice of Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata a home, so we can achieve greater things by working together.

We are an organisation, run by volunteers who are passionate about Kata and the benefits it can bring to peoples lives, both professionally and personally. 

We are proud to adopt the Kata school Manifesto as outlined and promoted by Mike Rother, the researcher who brought Kata to our attention.

What We Do

Regular Meeting

  • We host regular meetings at least once a week, for anyone who is interested in knowing more about Kata   


  • We host a wide variety of training events both Free and Paid.

Guest Speaker Webinars

  • In conjunction with our friends across other Kata Schools worldwide, we host webinars with some of the worlds most renowned Kata thought leaders.

World-Wide Kata Events

  • As a member of our Kata community, you will be the first to know about upcoming Kata events and able to avail of any discounts.

Kata Knowledge

  • We provide access to Kata knowledge for the individual and for Organisations across Ireland.

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